Five things we learned about Viggo Mortensen (including how much he loves David Cronenberg)

Five things we learned about Viggo Mortensen (including how much he loves David Cronenberg)

Viggo Mortensen (Image: Ben Pruchnie/FilmMagic/Getty Images Entertainment)

Forget how little clothing you’ve seen Viggo Mortensen wearing (for a second), because he’s a person too. He “rang up” Vulture recently to discuss A Dangerous Method (he plays Freud—he jumped in when Christophe Waltz had to pull out), among other things, and here are five tidbits we took away (take note of how much he love, love, loves David Cronenberg):

1. He loves David Cronenberg
Mortensen believes that Cronenberg should have a movie out every year (he has, after all, been in three of them), but because his films are typically consumed on DVD, there’s usually a considerable gap between each picture. And for those wondering to how high a standard Morty holds Cronenberg: “Woody Allen is a great director, but I wouldn’t say that his track record over the last several years is as solid as David’s, in my opinion, and yet he gets to make a movie every year somehow.”

2. He isn’t naked in A Dangerous Method (sorry)
Morty says he smoked and ate until he developed Freud’s paunch (something he wryly points out took some hard work). We’d just like to point out to the Oscar people that Charlize Theron received an Oscar for eating Krispy Kreme donuts for her role in Monster (just saying).

3. David Cronenberg doesn’t think we’re stupid
“David’s definitely as interested in entertaining the audience as he is in entertaining himself, but he doesn’t kowtow, he doesn’t treat people like they’re stupid.” Thanks, David!

4. Morty really wants the Academy to just give his Croney an Oscar already (for his merits, obviously)
The interview seems to be less about A Dangerous Method and more about how fantastic Cronenberg is: “It’s astounding, after making three movies with him—not to mention all the other great movies he did before those three—that David’s never been nominated for an Oscar for directing. It’s incredible. So I’m glad you’re giving it attention.” Also, this: “David’s the Academy’s invisible man. He’s the most talented invisible man in Hollywood, if you will. [Laughs.]” Does this song play when they’re alone together?

5. Snow White and the Huntsman is not good enough for Morty
As much as Viggo Mortensen would like to be in a big Hollywood picture, he has some limitations: “I was offered that and I wanted to do it, and I wanted to do the script I was offered, but the script changed radically. It was no longer the movie I was gonna do, and it bore no resemblance to it, really. It was already very tight on another movie I was shooting and I would have had to do it back to back, and after it changed completely, it just wasn’t what I signed up for.”