TIFF 2015’s biggest photo trend: celebrities pointing at each other, for some reason

TIFF 2015’s biggest photo trend: celebrities pointing at each other, for some reason

TIFF 2015 celebrities pointing at each other

If you paid any attention to TIFF this year, you noticed a confounding red carpet trend: pointing in photos. Specifically, people jabbing a finger cross-torso at their counterpart. What does this signify? Our leading theory: it’s the visual equivalent of the humblebrag, a way of soaking in, whilst simultaneously deflecting, the spotlight. Or maybe it just looks cool? (We remain unconvinced.) In any case, here are 13 stars and their fans/followers/benevolent stalkers who’ve mastered the proliferating habit.

Here’s Dev Patel telling us to appreciate the acting of his The Man Who Knew Infinity co-star Jeremy Irons.

Hung with these two #handsome #devils today. #themanwhoknewinfinity #tiff2015 #jeremyirons #devpatel #rockedit

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The same gesture can also be used with lady friends.

John Travolta thinks local club owner Charles Khabouth is the real star of this photo.

Here’s Kristen Stewart showing us that director Drake Doremus deserves all the cred.

But Doremus doesn’t quite pay it back, bypassing Stewart for her co-star Nicholas Hoult.

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An example of pointing done right: host Jessi Cruickshank acknowledges that she’s in the presence of Sarah Silverman (who apparently wants to eat the point).

Jake Gyllenhaal offers an unrequited point to director Jean-Marc Vallée.

Here (in the lower left shot), Michael Shannon goes for something a little more overtly obvious with Ellen Page.

Premiere of Freeheld with Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, and Michael Shannon. #TIFF15 A photo posted by Aido Potato (@aidann93) on

This producer gives a red-carpet point to Lost Girl star Rachel Skarsten.

A stone-faced Waris Ahluwalia doesn’t deter these Beeba Boys producers from a double-point.

When one runs into Common, one points at Common.

Mr. Will Wong doesn’t mess around with his celeb points—especially when he gets a photo op with child star Jake Tremblay.

Or Christopher Abbott:

With #JamesWhite star #ChristopherAbott. #TIFF15 #TIFF #TorontoFilmFestival #TIFF40 #NikonD3300 A photo posted by Mr. Will Wong (@mrwillwong) on

And finally, the supremely generous Johnny Depp bestows a point upon a lowly fan.