The fun dozen stop: our top 12 TIFF tales

The fun dozen stop: our top 12 TIFF tales

This Saturday night, TIFF volunteers will roll up the red carpet for the last time in 2009. With the festival’s imminent end, we’ve compiled a list of the our most-read stories since the beginning of festivities on September 10. Here, the top dozen:

1. Was George Clooney Eating at Jack Astors?

2. John Riley apologizes to Jennifer Connelly for tearing her picture in half

3. Drew Barrymore ditches her Whip It after-party for Sweaty Betty’s

4. Why it’s easy (and a bad idea) to hate Megan Fox

5. Jennifer Connelly is torn apart by bigwig exec but exacts her revenge flawlessly

6. Isabella Rossellini emulates fish fornication at the ROM

7. Perez Hilton tells us why TIFF is better than Cannes and how he is happy that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are making out

8. The day TIFF stood still: the Oprah, er, Precious premiere

9. Spotted: The Jonas Brothers enjoying reasonably priced cashmere

10. A limo driver dishes on chauffeuring George Clooney

11. Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner is denied VIP access at the Holt Renfrew party

12. The invisible (Venk)man: Bill Murray golfs instead of attending Get Low press conference with Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall

(All photos by Karon Liu)