Perez Hilton tells us why TIFF is better than Cannes and how he is happy that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are making out

Perez Hilton tells us why TIFF is better than Cannes and how he is happy that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are making out

Perez Hilton on tour (Photo by Oscar Rohena)

Perez Hilton, the incomparable celeb soothsayer and gossipmonger, sends his tour to Toronto on September 17 for a show at the Opera House. We caught up with him over the phone (as he made his way to a mall) to talk about Demi, Drew and the Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF.TO: Will you be here during TIFF? Or did getting punched in the face at Cobra nightclub put us in your bad books?
Perez Hilton: It’s possible I’ll be there on the 17th. I love Toronto. I love Canadians and Canada. I mean that!

TIFF.TO: What’s better TIFF or Cannes?
Perez Hilton: I like TIFF better because at Cannes I got a sense of pretentiousness that I didn’t get at TIFF. Toronto knows how to party and have a good time. I love partying!

TIFF.TO: Who’s hotter, Matt Damon or George Clooney?
Perez Hilton: Clooney cause he’s still a bachelor, he’s dating that Italian lady but they’ll probably break up. Matt Damon has two kids now–he’s boring.

TIFF.TO: What’s with the crazy hype over Megan Fox. Is she really all that?
Perez Hilton: She’s definitely all that! [Considering Hilton writes “Less talky! More pretty!” on his blog, we’re thinking the “all that” is based on Jennifer’s hot body.]

TIFF.TO: Earlier this week, you and Demi Moore had a vicious war on Twitter after you called her a “bad mom” If you are both at TIFF at the same time, will you try to make up?
Perez Hilton: She’s going to be going to my Toronto concert [Perez Hilton Presents, September 17 at the Opera House] I invited her. She’s going to be introducing all the acts. Kidding!

TIFF.TO: What about, will you be inviting him? [Black Eyed Peas front man responsible for Hilton’s black eye at Much Music Video Awards after party in June]
Perez Hilton: He can watch some musicians that are better than him.

TIFF.TO: What do you think about the rumblings that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page are an item? They’ve been making out a lot!
Perez Hilton: I love those rumblings because now when I report about people being gay it’s okay. I think Ellen Page is a lesbian, from what I’ve seen. I met her once and she didn’t flat out say it but it was understood. I don’t think Drew Barrymore is 100% lesbian but I’d say she’s most probably bi. She’s a wild child!

TIFF.TO: Finally, our most important question, who is the biggest douchebag in Hollywood?
Perez Hilton: Jon Gosselin.

We wanted more juice, but Hilton was lost in a car en route to the mall. Get more of him at Perez Hilton Presents.