People are confused by Drake’s new album name

People are confused by Drake’s new album name

(Image: musicisentropy/Flickr)

On Tuesday, Billboard revealed that the name of Drake’s still-unrecorded next album will be Views From the 6—and then confusion set in. Unlike the rapper’s previous album titles, which have been intelligible if slightly cryptic (Take Care, Nothing Was the Same), this one is so open to interpretation that even Billboard didn’t know quite what to make of it. And that’s despite a preponderance of evidence that it’s just a sly reference to the last digit in Toronto’s area code.

Even so, not everyone is convinced.

In its article, Billboard says only “it’s not entirely clear” what “the 6” is supposed to mean, a sentiment echoed by Rolling Stone and other music-news sources. On Twitter this morning, CBC Metro Morning host Matt Galloway wondered if this is Drake’s attempt to coin a new nickname for Toronto:

Which is probably the case. (“The 6” would certainly be more flattering than “Hogtown,” and less tragic than “El Toro”.)

Star Queen’s Park reporter Robert Benzie thinks Drake may actually be a scholar of municipal amalgamation, which seems unlikely:

Now Magazine’s Jonathan Goldsbie has an alternative theory that actually makes sense, sort of:

Meanwhile, if this collection of tweets on is anything to go by, ordinary fans are just as perplexed as everyone else, but also angry.

If this is, indeed, a subtle attempt at rebranding the city, it’s a promising one. Drake can make news by lint-rolling his pants. He can make a nickname stick.