Madonna bails on her after-party, but that doesn’t stop Harvey Weinstein from throwing a great one at Grey Goose Soho House

Madonna bails on her after-party, but that doesn’t stop Harvey Weinstein from throwing a great one at Grey Goose Soho House

Michael Fassbender swings and misses. (Image: Alexandra Wyman)

For the fourth and final evening, Grey Goose Soho House was the celebrity venue of choice, with back-to-back-to-back parties for Ten Year (starring Channing Tatum, Kate Mara, Rosario Dawson and Justin Long), Coriolanus (starring Gerard Butler, Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain), and a star-studded, multi-floor party hosted by legendary Hollywood hitmaker Harvey Weinstein. Earlier in the evening, Madonna, the hydrangea hater herself, joined a very select group of people for a private dinner celebrating W.E., but she slipped out the back door before things got crazy (does this surprise anyone?). Butler stayed for the entire night (in excess of five consecutive hours) and was never too far from a bevy of unknown models and one Megan Fox lookalike. Coriolanus castmate Fiennes dipped out early, refusing autographs as he made his exit. No sweat off our backs—the room was beginning to fill with so many recognizable faces we could barely keep up. Find out who and what they were wearing in a gallery after the jump.

Juliette Lewis arrived in a beige Todd Lynn dress with a Rebecca Minkoff purse and was approachable and friendly as she spoke to Fashion magazine’s online editor Randi Bergman about her music and her affinity for playing at iconic Toronto concert hall Lee’s Palace. She was later seen giving 100 per cent on the dance floor, which earned her top marks for overall party performance in our eyes. Teen heartthrobs Chace Crawford and Adam Brody chatted throughout the night, and Canadian homeboy Michael Seater also joined the mix—it was enough to make a tween’s Bop magazine fantasies come true. Adding to the teen appeal was Twilight’s Ashley Greene (in town promoting Butter), who, against her better judgment, showed up in a—you guessed it—green cocktail dress.

Jennifer Garner wore a monochromatic outfit and was seen taking pictures with a random child whose past-bedtime presence confused most of the people in the room, while Abbie Cornish was spotted in the stairwell in a flowing pale pink gown. Olivia Wilde decided to actually get dolled up in comparison to last night’s appearance at Grey Goose Soho House, opting for a dress instead of a motorcycle jacket and scarf. The room was buzzing for everyone except one star: we found a long-haired Val Kilmer (here for Francis Ford Coppolas Twixt) slightly out of place— he was spotted on more than one occasion meandering between floors, looking around as though he’d lost his friends. Perhaps he’s this year’s Keanu Reeves.

In Soho House’s top floor rec room, both Justin Long (who arrived with Scott Speedman) and Michael Fassbender (spotted for the second time at TIFF with Zoe Kravitz) played table tennis while Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was projected onto a massive exposed brick wall for those looking to take a break from the party below. Downstairs, guests danced their hearts out to remixes of The XX, Temper Trap and Foster the People, and one Us magazine reporter commented, “I’m glad New York isn’t the only city where random models dance on table tops,” as “Give Me Everything” by Ne-Yo and Pitbull sent stars and not-stars into dance overdrive.

At the end of the evening, Weinstein was relaxing solo on a comfy couch in the centre of the room, surrounded by partygoers of all ages and degrees of star wattage. With his suspenders peeking out from under his suit jacket and a contented smile that couldn’t be contained, one thing was clear: Harvey’s still got it. (And he knows it too.)