Lake Shore will be like “eight, under 30, UN leaders in a house together”

Lake Shore will be like “eight, under 30, UN leaders in a house together”

There is still no official air date or home for the trash-tacular Toronto Jersey Shore rip-off, Lake Shore. But in this week’s Lake Shore update, we shed light on how the cast of Mensa members, Pulitzer candidates and laureates will be selected. In an interview with the blog Whatever Eurotrash (fitting!), creator Maryam Rahimi says that even though the public has until September 2 to vote for their favourite cast members, it’s the producers who get the final say:

We’re going to use the votes as an indication of what people wanna see on TV and on the show. Ultimately it’s my decision and the rest of the crew’s. We work with our fans and our audience – we’re making a show for them; we’re not making a show for me. So, the voting influences our decision big time. If someone gets 12000 hits and someone else who I may have initially really liked only gets 6000 hits that’s something we’re going to investigate and take into consideration … It’s 50-50. 50% from voting and 50% from us.

Also, watching the show is going to be just like hanging out with Ban Ki-moon,

Keep in mind everyone in the house is going to be different. They aren’t all going to be clubbing juice heads like in Jersey Shore. So apart from all the usual drama that ensues when people with strong personalities, who are looking to get famous, get put in a house together with a camera crew – there’s going to be the clash of backgrounds, culture and values as well. It’s going to be like 8, under 30, UN leaders in a house together.

It’s hard to say whether Lake Shore will be closely watched if and when it airs. Jersey Shore hype is showing signs of waning, as evidenced by reports The Situation has signed up for Dancing With the Stars, where all celebs hoping to extend their 15 minutes end up. Still, it’s admirable that an amateur show creator with little money and a bucket full of buzzwords got the entire city so enamoured of a program that hasn’t even begun filming yet. Maryam Rahimi, this fist pump’s for you.

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