Lake Shore auditions over, T.O. Snooki TBD

Lake Shore auditions over, T.O. Snooki TBD

Lake Shore, the Toronto version of Jersey Shore, MTV’s sociological experiment gone horribly wrong, wrapped up auditions this weekend and has already posted photos of the aspiring JWows and Situations. The pool of contestants will be narrowed down to 25, and then the public gets to fist-pump, er, vote its top eight picks onto the show, which is slated to begin shooting in the winter or spring.

Creator Maryam Rahimi got some heat early on when she said the show would be focusing on Persian “princes and princesses” and has instead decided to open it up to fame whores of all ethnicities. “Initially the show was going to focus on a group of hipsters of Persian descent, but after a lot of thought, [director] George Tsioutsioulas and I thought it would be much more riveting to explore how eight extremely diverse 20-something Torontonians cohabit,” Rahimi said in a statement.

In true MTV style, the emphasis here is drama, whether it’s real or manufactured. The show’s Web site openly states that actors are allowed to audition and that:

Drama, drama, and more drama is what the cast will be facing! It’s your crazy girlfriend vs. boyfriend vs. your ex who is now dating your friend who has a crush on your boyfriend. This show is a drama with fist pump, and attitude spilling all over your couch!

There’s also this:

The cast will be going to “unique” underground parties where surprises will be awaiting them. The viewers…BEWARE! The show might not be so G-rated!

One word: Goodhandy’s.

Audition tapes are still being accepted, but callbacks begin in two weeks, so get a new haircut and think of ways to milk those 15 minutes.