Even less music on MuchMusic as station cuts French Kiss

Even less music on MuchMusic as station cuts French Kiss

We’ve always enjoyed waking up to the sounds of Dumas. Sadly, MuchMusic has decided to take away our morning serving of cheese by cutting French Kiss, the half-hour of music videos in la belle langue. The move is part of an effort to reduce straight-up music video content (readily available on-line) in favour of sassy reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Reports the Sun:

Half of MuchMusic’s daily programming is made up of music videos, and the chain is asking the [Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission] to allow them to drop that quota to 25 per cent, or six hours each day.

The airtime would go to “music-themed shows,” which currently includes such gems as Love Court (today’s synopsis: “Matt and Tricia are about to go on Love Court’s blind date, but they weren’t expecting sharing a mudbath or a shower! Either way, they get dirty!”).

Unsurprisingly, Franco-musicians like Swing’s Michel Benac are irritated that French-language music is disappearing from the Canadian spotlight. But with a 6 a.m. air time, we wonder how much exposure the show was really getting, anyway.

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