Drake’s summer of shameless selfies is filled with the most random celebs

Like Taylor Swift before him, the 6 God has been peppering his Summer Sixteen tour with a ton of celebrity cameos and posing all over Instagram with his new besties. Unlike Taylor’s (in)famous #squad, though, the A-listers in Drizzy’s posse have been a little more, well, random. Sure, it felt right when Aubrey brought LeBron James out during his show in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month. Then things started getting weird.

During his Nashville show, Drake told the crowd that he was “doing this for Shania.” Looking at this photo, it’s not hard to believe. He doesn’t just look happier than she is—he looks happier than anyone’s ever been.


A few days later, during a stop in Detroit, Drake posed with Eminem—quashing rumours of a beef between the two rappers.


After a show in New York, Drake posted this snap with his dad and artist French Montana, who is, at this point, way less famous than Drake’s dad (sorry, French Montana).


In Philadelphia, Drake spent some quality backstage time hanging out (and, if that drink in his left hand is any indication, indulging in some double-cup love) with his mentor Lil Wayne.


In Pittsburgh, Drake met up with Alexa Lemieux, daughter of hockey superstar Mario Lemieux, who gave him a jersey signed by her dad. Drake called it the “best gift ever.” Drake is very polite.


We’re not sure why we’re so surprised that Drake and Naomi Campbell look this cute together, but it’s surprising. They’re so cute!



Maybe the most delightful Instagram curveball Drake’s thrown us is this amazing backstage photo with Kevin Spacey. It’s tough to tell if Drake is suppressing a smile or just trying to look appropriately serious, given he’s meeting the era’s most famous fake president.


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