Are Drake and Bella Hadid really dating? We weigh the evidence

Keeping up with Drake’s love life could be its own reality show. There’s the constant are-they-or-aren’t-they romance with Rihanna, the Insta-friendly flirtation with J Lo, that slobbery smooch with Madonna, and so on. The latest lady said to be making a play for Champagne Papi is Bella Hadid—supermodel, social media star, “dope” sneaker fiend, step-daughter to Canadian music mogul David Foster and, of course, former flame of The Weeknd. Which means this could be the CanCon gossip of our dreams. But is it true? We investigate.

Exhibit A
This isn’t the first time we’ve heard these rumours

Chatter about a possible romance between the 6 God and the supermodel began last June when paparazzi caught them having dinner at an L.A. restaurant called The Nice Guy. There was no proof they were dining together, but photographers did catch a highly suspicious exit. She left first, around 4 a.m., getting into what is apparently one of Drake’s cars. He exited a few minutes later, entering a second vehicle. Note: the could-be couple wore matching outfits. What does it prove: Granted, Drake could leave a restaurant with a house plant and the world would assume they were hot and heavy, but the smoke-and-mirrors exit strategy is definitely a sign they’re hiding something. The matching outfits are a sign of judgment clouded by early relationship euphoria.


Exhibit B
The B-day bash

Fast forward to last Monday when—as per an Us Weekly story—a certain someone hosted Bella’s 21st birthday party at Socialista Lounge in NYC. “[Drake] planned and paid for everything,” Us’s source claims. Another story, in Page Six, confirms the party happened and that Drizzy was in the hizzy. What does it prove: If we take Us’s source at their word, it at least suggests something is happening between the two of them, because most people aren’t in the habit of throwing lavish parties for their platonic pals.


Are Drake and Bella Hadid really dating? We weigh the evidence
Exhibit C
Her mom didn’t deny it

On Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live!, host Andy Cohen quizzed Bella’s mom (and retired Real Housewife), Yolanda Hadid, about her daughter’s love life. When Cohen confronted her about the Drake rumours, she became demonstrably uncomfortable (note how she gets totally busted when she tries to fib about Bella’s birthday party). And when he presses for an answer—“Are they together?”—she responds, “I don’t…I mean…they’re friends.” What does it prove: Everything! We interpret mom’s classic non-denial as just short of a confirmation.



Exhibit E
Dating patterns

She loves Canadian musicians (see: previous relationship with The Weeknd). He has a history of dating models (and singers, and actresses, and tennis players). What does it prove: That they’re totally each others’ type.


Are Drake and Bella Hadid really dating? We weigh the evidence
Exhibit D
Bella is so over The Weeknd

On the same episode of WWHL!, Cohen asks Yolanda whether Bella is upset about the fact that her ex, The Weeknd, is dating Selena Gomez. Mom’s response: “Not anymore.” What does it prove: Clearly Bella has moved onto bigger and better things Toronto-based hip hop stars.


The verdict

It’s too early to say for certain, but all signs indicate something’s going on here. Only time—and the inevitable diss tracks—will tell.


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