Celebrities will now fly coach to Toronto with the plebs

Celebrities will now fly coach to Toronto with the plebs

Your next seat mate?

Stars: they’re just like us—thanks to budget cuts. That’s right. You could find yourself rubbing elbows with Brangelina and their flock, thanks to a new cost-cutting measure that will see Hollywood celebs flying coach with the rest of us. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has come to a tentative agreement with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to cut travel costs in return for better pay rates, health insurance and pension contributions.

The rule will apply to journeys less than 1,600 kilometres or between Los Angeles and New York or Canada. Actors can upgrade to first class on longer flights if they choose, but only if there are seats in business class available. It seems like a reasonable concession that will give a thrill to us regular folk, but let it be known that as much as we love George Clooney, there’s no way we’re giving up the aisle seat.

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(Images: Clooney and Portman by James Helmer, Hamm, Spacey and Connelly by Karon Liu, Brolin by Stefania Yarhi.)