Three rad record players for any budget

Three rad record players for any budget

Crosley Messenger

Affordable: Crosley Messenger

This battery-operated marvel is the closest thing there is to a vinyl Walkman. It doubles as a speaker system: you can plug in your smartphone when you get tired of flipping records. $124.


Pro-Ject Elemental

Average: Pro-Ject Elemental

This sleek, sparse player is ready to go out of the box and can convert vinyl tunes into digital formats via a handy USB connection. $349. Bay Bloor Radio, 55 Bloor St. W.,


Audiowood Barky

Astronomical: Audiowood Barky

American woodworker Joel Scilley creates about a dozen of these handcrafted ash beauties a year. Each has a subtly unique design, and, with high-quality audio equipment, the sound is consistently superb. $2,460.

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