The best behind-the-scenes shots of Drake’s new music video, from his ex-Degrassi castmates

The best behind-the-scenes shots of Drake’s new music video, from his ex-Degrassi castmates

Drake has never been shy about acknowledging his humble origins on Canadian TV, but it seemed like there was little chance we’d ever see Jimmy Brooks walk the halls of Degrassi High again (or roll down them, at any rate). Until now. Drake’s new music video, for his track “I’m Upset,” reunites much of the Degrassi cast for a high school reunion par excellence. Many of Drake’s less-famous former castmates made the trip, and naturally they Instagrammed the heck out of the whole thing. Here’s what they’ve posted so far.

Lauren Collins, who played Paige Michalchuk, posted this “OG Class Photo.” (Perhaps forgetting that the true OG cast will always feature Joey Jeremiah. Who now sports a huge beard, FYI.)

OG Class Photo #imupset

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Adamo Ruggiero, who played Marco Del Rossi, shares a picture with Collins and a Degrassi jersey:

#imupset ???

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Stefan Brogen, who played Snake, one of the longest-lasting members of the Degrassi cast, got a shot with some ex-colleagues, including Nina Dobrev, probably the second-most-famous ex-Degrassi-er:

Miriam McDonald, who played Emma Nelson, offered up a huggy pic with a smiling Drake:

Kevin Smith, whose love of Degrassi is well documented (the show is mentioned in his 1997 movie Chasing Amy, and he guest-starred several times and even sang the theme song before surgery) took a picture with the cast and shared a long and sentimental story:

Thanks to the generosity of @champagnepapi, @JayMewes & I got to go back to @degrassi Community School one more time! Drake and his 22 year old wunderkind video Director @karenaevans gathered almost all the friends (and one enemy) from Jimmy Brooks’ childhood and re-opened the doors to Degrassi for the most transgressive (and expensive) episode of The Next Generation ever made! Naturally, @jaymewes & I loved being included – but that wasn’t my favorite part of this magical weekend in Toronto (which was only last Friday, Saturday & Sunday). The highlight was watching kids that literally went to fake school together their entire young lives reuniting as grownups who still like each other. Drizzy had his friends and former class-and-cast mates exit Lamborghinis and re-enter the pop culture conversation – and it was all done with incredible affection. I knew the video would be fun to make and go viral instantly; but I didn’t realize I’d have front row seats for the sweetest reach-back I’ve ever seen. Even if @jayandsilentbob didn’t get invited to the reunion, I would still be in love with this film – especially because of the heart-melting closing credits, with the images of the cast then-&-now as the classic theme song plays. I sang that song on the operating room table while I was trying not to die in the hospital a few months ago, having zero idea I’d be seeing my friends from Degrassi Community School again soon. Or maybe I DID die and this is the afterlife. It’s what my idea of Heaven would look like: you die and go to a tiny school in Canada where you get to haunt the halls forever with grown up versions of Manny Santos, Spinner Mason, Emma Nelson, Jimmy Brooks, Craig Manning, Ashley Kerwin, Liberty Van Zandt, Snake Simpson and the rest of our fictional friends from Hogtown. Thank you Aubrey and Karena – this video is like a Zit Remedy for the soul! (Link to video in my bio above.) #KevinSmith #drake #jaymewes #jasonmewes #degrassi #drizzy #degrassithenextgeneration #canada #toronto #dhx

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Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob co-star, Jason Mewes, joked that this may be the start of Clerks 3:

Stacey Farber, who played Ellie Nash, shared a screen grab from the show. She notes that she rolled up to the reunion in a Maybach:

Shane Kipps, who played Jimmy’s best buddy Gavin “Spinner” Mason, says: “All of the energy, laughter and fun captured in the video was as naturally occurring and genuine as can be. No acting involved.”

The boys are back together! When I got the call that @champagnepapi had this idea for his next video, the feeling was hard to describe. When it became real and I further found out that it was a complete @degrassi cast reunion, it suddenly became very clear that this would be a weekend for the history books. To be a part of something of this magnitude with my childhood on screen best friend Aubrey Graham turned rap superstar and business mogul Drake was something truly special, and then to do it with ALL of my old cast members back at on our old sets really put the experience over the edge. To top it all off, meeting and being directed by the wildly talented and ridiculously cool @karenaevans was next level. To bring this whole thing full circle back to where it all began for all of us made it an on screen reunion for the fans but also a real one for all of us involved. All of the energy, laughter and fun captured in the video was as naturally occurring and genuine as can be. No acting involved. Well, except me trying to look as cool as the big man. I can’t thank you enough @champagnepapi for this. None of us can. What a time. We’ll never forget it. Looking forward to what you got for us next! #jimmy #spinner #degrassi #degrassithenextgeneration #drake #imupset #scorpion #ovo #music #musicvideo #degrassireunion #ferrari #supercars #school #cast

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Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, who played the bookish Liberty Van Zandt, shared a shot with Drake surrounded by women: herself, Andrea Lewis and Christina Schmidt:

The realest ?

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Speaking of Andrea Lewis—who was Hazel Aden on the show—here she is again with Drake and Christina Schmidt, looking decidedly not upset:

Degrassi Baes

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Christina Schmidt shared a gymnasium pic with Drake’s arm over her shoulder:

Ephraim Ellis—who played Rick Murray, the kid who shot Jimmy and put him in a wheelchair—shared a pic with Jason Mewes:

This one, from Jimmy Brooks himself, doesn’t choose favourites. It’s just a picture of the Degrassi Panthers sign and that oh-so-2018 phrase: “Video link in bio”:


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