Atom Egoyan set Chloe here because “Toronto is a prostitute”

Atom Egoyan set Chloe here because “Toronto is a prostitute”

Amanda Seyfried at the Chloe premiere during TIFF (Image: Karon Liu)

For Torontonians, watching Hollywood stars Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson romp around their city in Chloe will be part—a large part—of the fun. The original screenplay was set in San Francisco, but director Atom Egoyan was keen on filming and setting the movie in Toronto. Chloe, the story of a wife who hires a prostitute to test her husband’s faithfulness, opens on Friday.

“At the level of metaphor, it’s interesting because Toronto is a prostitute. As a city, very often it pretends to be New York or Chicago or San Francisco,” Egoyan told the L.A. Times. “So it’s interesting that since this is a film about that, in fact the city becomes a character.”

Don’t take it personally, Toronto—we still think you’re a classy gal. Shall we leave our ticket money here on the nightstand?

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