Canada’s year on YouTube: the tragicomedy to end all tragicomedies

Canada’s year on YouTube: the tragicomedy to end all tragicomedies

Of course Rebecca Black made the list (Image: Rebecca Black)

Remember when home videos were so painfully boring, but you were happy to sit through them if doing so made a loved one very happy? Well, now the videographers in our lives don’t really need us anymore, especially if they’ve got access to the Internet and a hook like “baby scared at mom blowing nose” or an eight-bit space/Pop-Tart cat named Nyan that doesn’t really do anything at all (except, perhaps, bring joy to those who view the delightful little scamp). These are just two of the top 10 YouTube videos viewed by Canadians this year. Find out how Canadians have wasted their time this year, in our crimes against humanity YouTube’s most watched videos list of 2011 (you should be ashamed of yourself).

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10. Emerson: Mommy’s Nose is Scary!

Bored mothers and fathers had strong showings on YouTube in 2011, but little Emerson here is the new “Charlie Bit My Finger.” At least until the next adorable child does something, um, adorable.

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9. Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking: Epic Rap Battles of History #7

We actually don’t think this is funny at all. We’re also disappointed that people still misuse the word “epic” in this manner. This is the Dane Cook of rap videos.

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8. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

This is a pretty cute car commercial. This is not a cute car commercial.

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7. Songify This: “Winning,” a song by Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men this year, and thanks to Twitter, he became even more obnoxious than could be achieved without the Internet. Thanks to “Songify,” which is just another “Autotune the News,” his reach has extended well into the depths of loneliness and despair (a.k.a. YouTube).

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6. Nyan Cat (original)

This nostalgia kitty is part Pop-Tart, part Atari. It’s completely inane, but welcome to the Internet.

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5. “Jack Sparrow” (feat. Michael Bolton)

Um, watch Michael Bolton attempt to revive his career (although you probably already have).

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4. Eric Wants to Sell His Stuff. Fast. (Kijiji Canada)

In an effort to not blatantly advertise for Kijiji Canada (seriously, people are forced to watch this video thanks to pop-up ads), we’ve swapped the fourth-place video with a blast from the past: South Carolina answers a question.

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3. Maria Aragon – “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga (cover)

Thanks to YouTube, stage moms didn’t even have to leave the house this year. Children found YouTube to be an outlet for their musical aspirations once again, continuing the Justin Bieber model.

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2. Ultimate Dog Tease

A dog is unhappy with his owner for eating meat from the fridge (the dog talks with a human voice, taking a card from Funniest Home Videos). You can skip this one and watch Roomba Kitty instead.

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1. Rebecca Black – “Friday”

Fun, fun, fun, fun looking forward to the inevitable sex tape (scandal).