VIDEO: watch a TTC worker’s embittered retirement rant

VIDEO: watch a TTC worker’s embittered retirement rant

Most employees keep their work-related frustrations to themselves. Former TTC worker Ron Mitchell is not one of those people. He took his complaints to YouTube, and the result is sad and amazing.

In the video above, which Mitchell recorded on what he says was his last day at the TTC after 31 years, he wanders through an empty building, griping about about the fact that nobody, either from management or from his union, is around to commemorate the end of his career. “After 31 years at TTC,” he says, morosely, “this is my retirement party.” It goes on like that for three more minutes.

It’s a remarkable piece of footage, especially because the TTC’s public communications are usually fairly polished. It‘s rare to see documented evidence of a worker’s raw frustration. TTC corporate communications director Brad Ross, who does the polishing, called the situation “very unfortunate.”

“This occurred during the holiday season and there was a miscommunication between Mr. Mitchell and his manager,” Ross told us. “We very much value the work of all our employees, especially those who have worked their entire adult lives serving the people of Toronto and the TTC.” In a comment on the video’s YouTube page, a user who appears to be Mitchell says his manager has apologized to him, and that he feels better now.

At the very least, after 31 years in a public-sector job, Mitchell should have a pretty good pension to look forward to.