TTC delays about to get even more aggravating as cell reception comes into the subways

Here’s an idea we’re putting into the wait-and-see category: the TTC wants to add cell phone service to its subway stations. While every step towards the end of pay phones adds cheer to our hearts, we can think of a few drawbacks to what the CBC reported last week:

Cellphone service equipment will be installed at subway stations only, [Adam] Giambrone said, but service may reach some tunnels as well.

“I suspect with stations in the downtown core that are 400 metres apart, that you are going to have virtually continuous service,” he said.

Even though customers may lose reception between stations, Giambrone believes the initiative will be a success.

So as we wait between Bay and Yonge stations for the train to finally start moving again, we’ll be greeted not just with the atonal drone of a TTC announcement, but the cicada-like hum of BlackBerries with a chaser of half-shouted phone calls? Joy.

The improvements, such as they are, won’t happen until after the TTC entertains bids from Canada’s wireless providers. One has apparently agreed to pay for the privilege of serving a captive audience, but no word yet on when this will roll out—nothing more specific than “early 2012”, anyway.

• TTC stations could get cell service [CBC News]


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