How Toronto reacted to James Comey’s blockbuster Senate testimony

Today, former FBI director James Comey testified in front the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Donald Trump, and with the way Toronto was tweeting about it, you’d think Trump was Canada’s leader. As far as visuals go, it was about as boring as boring gets: a steely Comey, whom Trump fired last month, spoke about his interactions with the president and answered questions about written testimony he had prepared beforehand. But Comey dropped a few serious truth-bombs—and even a joke or two—that are destined for meme-ification. Here’s how Toronto’s Twitterati reacted to the most compelling political drama of the year.

The tweeting got started last night:

More than a few viewers were changing channels on the regular:


Some wondered how long it would be until #ComeyDay turned into a feature film:

Though there was some disagreement on who might direct and appear in said movie:

There was much talk of snacks:

And high hopes for Comey’s entrance:

Things got off to a slow start:


But, once Comey started speaking, everyone was hooked:

A few people had conflicting feelings about the man who may or may not have prevented a Hillary Clinton presidency:

And, this being Toronto, there were bound to be some Drake memes:

Remember when covfefe was the Trump news of the day?

Comey told a couple of jokes:


And poked fun at his current unemployment:

Some wondered about Comey’s musical tastes:

And just about everyone lost it when John McCain accidentally said “President Comey” more than once:

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Comey had a few fans:

And one tweeter weighed in on what Trump might be up to today:



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