The most enthusiastic furry Raptors fans

The most enthusiastic furry Raptors fans

More Raptors Style

It’s a historic time for Raptors fans, but they aren’t the only ones bringing their sartorial A-game to watch the NBA finals. The city’s four-legged friends are also showing their support—and it’s downright adorable. Here are a few of our favourite pooches and kitties (plus one keen rabbit) who are repping the Raps.

This Golden’s deadpan face must have been after the end of Game 2:

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“Ready, you?” – Rems

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Pip here is taking the style factor up a notch:

This good boy is cheering for the Raps (or more likely, for a treat):

This scarf is sadly weather-appropriate:

Somebunny is a fan:

Nothing like a ball going back and forth to get a pup’s attention:

This guy is tired from the 9 p.m. start times:

This fierce look is definitely directed at Steph Curry:

Looks like we found your next draft pick, Raps!

Everyone needs a friend to watch the games with (even if that friend is slightly terrifying):

Tucker’s really pulling off this look:

Someone should invent a basketball league for pugs:

That someone managed to get a shirt on a cat is what’s impressive here:

This monochromatic look is tres chic:

We’re guessing this look didn’t last long:

Franklin’s new hat has left him feeling nonplussed:

The pup on the right was definitely shunned at the dog park:

It’s a bit odd how perfectly this hoodie fits Bailey:

Poppy’s just warming up for her big moment:

This guy has his game face on:

Someone clearly knows he’s cute:

We’re all for this simple, understated look:

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Excited to watch the Raps tonight!! ??

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Leo’s representing the Corgi fan base:

Same, Mrs. Kensington. Same: