The List: 10 things Raptors power forward Amir Johnson can’t live without

The List: 10 things Raptors power forward Amir Johnson can’t live without

The List: 10 things Raptors power forward Amir Johnson can't live without

1 | My key chains
When I travel, I collect key chains. There’s a hula girl from Hawaii, a turtle from the Cayman Islands, a fish from Tahiti. I have five cars and each key has a bunch of chains like this.

2 | My funky socks
You won’t catch me wearing a normal pair of black or white socks if I’m not on the court. I always have funky ones by Stance.

3 | My tuque
I never knew that word until I got to Canada. We call them beanies in California. But I was told I had to have one for the winter, so I bought this one to support my team. I wear it pretty much every day.

4 | My favourite movie
I love The Nightmare Before ­Christmas so much, I got Jack ­Skellington tattooed on my leg.

5 | My bespoke robe
I keep it in my locker. The ACC is my home, so I want to feel comfortable and relax before and after games. I got it in burgundy, which is my favourite colour, and had my nickname, Big Daddy, stitched on the back.

6 | My favourite food
If I could eat chicken every day I would. (I can’t because I have to eat healthy.) I have a chef who comes through—fortunately I can afford one, that’s one of the perks—and I ask for chicken to be on the menu a few times a week.

7 | My Leafs jersey
Love the Maple Leafs. I go to games all the time. I have a picture on my Instagram where I’m at the game behind the bench, cheering them on, and it looks like I’m on the team.

8 | My new Drake CD
I play Nothing Was the Same in my car all the time when I drive around Toronto. It’s a great album. I handed out a bunch of them to people downtown. Drake and I are good friends. We’re the same age and have a lot in common. He’s a part of the team now, which is an awesome move for the organization.

9 | My Halloween mask
I did a video wearing it, with the whole team doing the Harlem Shake. I decided to keep it in my locker in case I want to scare anybody. Sometimes I come to the arena late at night to practise shots, and if people are working I put the mask on to scare them. That’s my attitude. I like to have fun.

10 | My slippers
I got these at the Crenshaw swap meet in L.A. You find some of the best stuff at swap meets—stuff you’d never find at regular stores.