Toronto Life’s most popular longform features of 2014

Toronto Life’s most popular longform features of 2014

A private school kid gone bad, the night Sammy Yatim died, and how tiny condos became the new family home—here are our most-read features this year

Toronto Life's most-read long-form features of 2014

Breaking Brian: portrait of a Bay Street master and suburban drug dealer

Brian Shin was a Bay Street financial whiz with a secret life as a high-volume drug dealer. When he slipped up, he lifted the veil on a powerful criminal underground run by second-generation Asian kids

by Malcolm JohnstonFrom our January 2014 issue

Brian Shin

Gone Girl: I was a private school kid from Rosedale—until I ended up on the street

She had loving parents and all the opportunities and privileges in the world. Then she discovered drugs

by Emily Wright, From our December 2014 issue

Emily Wright

Murder in Muskoka: Living and dying on the darker side of cottage country

For three years, Ian Borbely told everyone that his girlfriend, Samantha Collins, had abandoned him and their young son. Then a cottager found a mysterious crate hidden beneath his floorboards

by Zander Sherman, From our August 2014 issue

Murder in Muskoka

The Killing: What really happened on that Dundas streetcar

The death of Sammy Yatim unleashed a torrent of anti-police outrage. For most Torontonians, the video was the verdict. But what really happened on the Dundas streetcar that night? The untold story of the cop who pulled the trigger—and why

by Mary Rogan, From our September 2014 issue

Sammy Yatim

Sin City with Snow: secrets of Toronto’s VIP club scene

When hip-hop and NBA stars want a good time, they call party queen Mona Halem. Inside a decadent world of $700 champagne, secret guest lists and hordes of beautiful women

by Courtney Shea, from our May 2014 issue

Sin City

Stuck in Condoland: How 700 square feet became the new normal

In a city where space is at a premium, tiny condos are the new family home. Learning to survive in 700 square feet

by Philip Preville, From our July 2014 issue

Stuck in Condoland

The Man Who Would Be King: inside the ruthless battle for control of the $34-billion Rogers empire

Edward Rogers expected to run the family empire after the death of his father, Ted. But the board squeezed him out

by Kelly Pullen, From our November 2014 issue

Edward Rogers

The Bank of Mom and Dad: confessions of a propped up generation

It seems like every 30-something couple has an embarrassing financial secret: their boomer parents are covering their mortgages, child-care costs and other expenses

by Leah McLaren, From our November 2014 issue

The Bank of Mom and Dad

In Lurv with Lainey: Elaine Lui’s rise to the top of the gossip pantheon

Elaine Lui became one of the world’s most influential celebrity gossips by exhibiting a bratty disregard for the pieties of showbiz. What happens now that she’s nearly as famous as the stars she skewers?

by Emily Landau, From our April 2014 issue

Elaine Lui