Toronto just got its own set of emojis

Toronto just got its own set of emojis

This year, Canada is overflowing with 150-themed stuff. There have been some keepers (sesquicentennial craft beer!) and there have been some duds (maple leaf–shaped hamburgers). Score one under the winner column, because Toronto just got its own emojis. The 50 stickers were designed by Hayley Thomas and Maaiingan Productions for Canada 150, and they depict just about everything you’d expect in a Torontomoji pack—and a few things you might not. Here, some of our favourites.

There are the obligatory landmarks, like the CN Tower:

City Hall:

The Toronto sign:

SkyDo… er, the Rogers Centre:

The ROM:

Unfortunately, the Islands don’t look quite like this right now:

They’re not all downtown designs, though. Here’s the Bluffs:

The Aga Khan Museum:

And the airport:

Plus an ode to Toronto’s six original boroughs:

Speaking of which:

And, of course, no Toronto emoji pack would be complete without the TTC (there’s no broken Presto machine design, though):

And this familiar guy:

There are a couple more animals:

There are also 10 Indigenous icons, like this Inukshuk:

And an Ojibway canoe:

Plus, one that only locals will understand:

See the rest of the emojis on the city’s website.