Maple leaf-shaped burgers, cake-flavoured cereal and 10 other ways brands are cashing in on Canada’s sesquicentennial

Canada’s big 1-5-0 is coming up fast, and that means exciting things for marketing teams. It’s a time to sculpt meat into the shape of a maple leaf; a chance to remember Terry Fox (and associate him with Roots sweatpants); and a rare opportunity to push trampolines and sugary cereal—on adults! Below, a look at how companies are cashing in on Canada’s sesquicentennial.

Sobey’s maple leaf–shaped burgers are sure to be the official food of this summer’s mandatory company picnics:

    Tim Hortons is inviting you to celebrate their bigger and better Rrroll Up the Rim contest by accidentally starting a fire in your break room:

    While President’s Choice suggests blocking your building’s hallway until your neighbours sit down to dinner with you:

    Canadian Olympic champ Rosie MacLennan is helping to hock trampolines:

    Birthday cake–flavoured Froot Loops were big news in top junk food trade publications Chew Boom and Cerealously:

    Second Cup’s new cups feature 13 Canadian landmarks including the RCMP’s Heritage Centre:

    Presumably, surplus red M&Ms from the holidays were mixed with white ones to make this Canadian treat:


    Smuglord gameshow host Alex Trebek encourages viewers to visit Canada, land of the pretty good exchange rate and that language you already speak:

    And Dan Levy is hosting his own kind of contest:

    Roots’ website features several Canada 150 promotions, aimed at raising money for indigenous youth and celebrating 150 years of being nice:

    Ramada opted for that classic hotel marketing trick: superimposing your company’s logo on a photo of a prison:

[facebook-embed]     And Labatt 50 simply added a number one to their logo. That was easy:



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