Year in Review: our favourite hits and misses from The Scene in 2011

Year in Review: our favourite hits and misses from The Scene in 2011

It will come as no surprise that this year’s fashion parties were (mostly) at one of two places: The Bay and Holt Renfrew. At one point this year, it felt like there was a new celebrity guest at The Room every week, and on occasion, we contemplated setting up camp somewhere, both to live out a Today’s Special fantasy and, well, to save us some time. We saw international guests like Anna Dello Russo, Jack McCollough, Lazaro Hernandez, Nicola Formichetti and Leandra Medine and, of course, we saw our favourites like Suzanne Rogers, Stacey Kimmel, Suzanne Boyd and more. Find out what our favourite fashion parties were this year after the jump.

THE SCENE: Pool party edition Greta Constantine always try to one-up themselves, whether it’s casting Coco Rocha in a show or throwing a party in a underground garage. This past summer, Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill took their presentation poolside, where there were dancing, drinks and a good old fashioned barbecue. Check out all of the hits and misses from this poolside party »

THE SCENE: The boys of summer (also known as Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez from Proenza Schouler) host a party at The Room Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are the toast of New York’s fashion circles, and The Bay decided to fly the boys in for a party this year. Everyone from socialites to D-list bloggers crowded the space to meet the fellas, but also to paw a PS1 or two. Check out who clawed their way past the doorman at this fashion to-do »

THE SCENE: A party brings Anna Dello Russo to Toronto for two days
Vogue Nippon editor-at-large Anna Dello Russo is a popular name among fashion communities around the world, and thankfully for The Bay, a friend and muse of Toronto-based street style photographer Tommy Ton (who likely convinced her to come here in the first place). A.D.R. had more costume changes than we’ve ever seen at any fashion party in Toronto, and her gaggle of drag queen party guests made sure she danced a little dirty on the dance floor. Take a look at the mayhem in our gallery »

THE SCENE: Toronto Fashion Week edition Every time Toronto Fashion Week comes around, people start planning outfits, going to great lengths to get shot by photographers. In what has become a bit of tradition at The Goods, The Scene took a look at the day-to-day fashions and poked fun (lightheartedly) at the the good and the bad. Find out who stood out and who made us say “oh, brother” at Toronto Fashion Week »

THE SCENE: Powerball 13, where powerful ballers mingle with hipsters The Power Plant gallery’s Powerball is always a big hit, bringing out art buyers and art admirers to one of the biggest themed parties of the year. This year was a spin on The Thirteenth Floor and included huge meat piles and various artist-designed rooms; it didn’t all make sense (oh, cool, a lone fridge in a large room). But, as in past years, everyone aimed to dress to impress, and some did. Check out the whimsy of the 13th floor »

THE SCENE: Lady Gaga’s pal Nicola Formichetti hosted a party for Mugler (not present: pal Lady Gaga) Nicola Formichetti showed up at The Bay, and everyone dressed up in their wildest outfits, hoping, we suspect, to be named his latest muse (this didn’t happen, obviously). We saw a dress made of hair, Suzanne Rogers in a beautiful Givenchy dress and a smattering of people basically willing to give their right limb to just talk to Formichetti. It was a sight to be seen. Check out our gallery of one of The Bay’s biggest (and warmest) parties »

THE SCENE: A party for women who repel men (seriously) The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, hosted a party at Holt Renfrew this year, and most of the city’s fashionable ladies were eager to impress her (and subsequently repel any man in a nearby radius). By all accounts, the night was a success, and we put together a gallery of the city’s most repellent (at least for the night) women. Check it out »

THE SCENE: A doggy fashion show (no really, a doggy fashion show) There was a poodle and it was dyed purple. We needn’t say any more to encourage you to check out this gallery »

THE SCENE: Nicole Richie throws a shindig at TNT’s renovated shop (that Nicole Richie, who married some guy from Good Charlotte) It was nearly impossible to get a word in with Nicole Richie. We hear she’s friends with Paris Hilton (or was?) and married a pop punk musician, so that’s likely why there was such a frenzy. She’s got a baby, too. What a whirlwind. It was a busy party at TNT, and we got the lay of the land. Check it out in our gallery »

THE SCENE: Lobster, Coco Rocha, lobster, humblebrags and more at Sir Phillip Green’s Topshop dinner at One We ate so much lobster and chatted with some very gracious hosts from Topshop, but it was a bit of a game of one-upmanship for many of the dinner’s guest. Luckily for us, we were there to catch it all. Find out what a dinner at One looks like when The Kills, Coco Rocha and Sir Phillip Green are on the guest list »


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