Today in Toronto: Wide Awake Hearts, Voice-Box, Glagolitic Mass, Denzal Sinclaire

Wide Awake Hearts Brendan Gall taps into our Us Weekly–fuelled obsession with on-set romances in his new play about infidelity and film. Find out more >>

Glagolitic Mass Czech composer Leoš Janácek was one of music’s great eccentrics—witness this mass, sung not in Latin but in Old Church Slavonic, and sounding more bumptious and erotic than reverential. Find out more >>

Voice-Box Urbanvessel, the company behind the a cappella opera Stitch (best sewing circle ever!), is back. Anna Chatterton, Juliet Palmer and Julia Aplin turned to boxing for material and came away with this combo of singing, sparring and gender politics. Audiences are invited to judge, heckle or bet on the bouts. Find out more >>

Denzal Sinclaire A favourite of Diana Krall’s, Sinclaire has a way of slipping from honeyed to hot without missing a blue note. Performing is his thing: the man’s also an accomplished actor, with a résumé that encompasses both Soulpepper and Battlestar Galactica. Find out more >>


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