The Sun also rises: Kory Teneycke is back at Fox News North

The Sun also rises: Kory Teneycke is back at Fox News North

Last summer, former aide to the prime minister Kory Teneycke left politics and joined up with Quebecor to head the launch of its cable news television channel, Sun TV News. The channel was expected to be more opinionated, confrontational and more just plain awesome than the other cable news offerings in Canada. And then, well, stuff ended up happening. Teneycke left after his role at the news channel became a distraction from its efforts to get regulatory approval. The good news? Now that Fox News North has its paperwork in order, Kory’s back, baby!

The Globe and Mail broke the story yesterday:

Kory Teneycke is expected to resume working at the 24-hour news channel next week, The Globe and Mail has learned.

The odd turn of events comes 3 1/2 months after Mr. Teneycke made a high-profile and abrupt exit from the Quebecor project, telling a news conference last September that increasingly bitter public acrimony over his role had made him a liability to the TV venture. At the time, it was petitioning federal regulators for a broadcasting licence.

Mr. Teneycke’s return will likely give Sun TV News the sharp edge and taste for controversy that was intended when he helped to conceive the idea for the network.

We can only hope that when Sun TV News starts broadcasting (originally slated for January, now looking at March), Teneycke fulfills all of his original promise: filling the airwaves with climate change skepticism, fear-mongering about Russian jet incursions, and otherwise making things entertaining for anyone who enjoys watching parody of the Canadian conservative id. The only thing missing is a controversy involving Margaret Atwood. You know, another one.

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