The art of entertaining: How to host a housewarming in style

The art of entertaining: How to host a housewarming in style


You never know where the night is going to take you. High-flying Toronto businesswoman Lainie was in Washington, D.C., where she met Scott, a local restaurateur, at a bar. They hit it off immediately, both soon realizing they’d found the one. A year later, Scott moved to Toronto and into Lainie’s Little Italy townhouse. They became engaged. Then, Lainie stumbled across their dream home: For Sale.

The sleek, open-concept, 2,100-square-foot house in the super-cool Dundas and Ossington neighbourhood suited the pair perfectly, along with the sun-soaked rooms and Wolf range for Cordon Bleu–trained Scott. Despite two competing bids, they landed their dream home this past March, and were married in June.


In partnership with Stella Artois, Lainie and Scott hosted a housewarming party in September to celebrate their new home. Family and close friends were greeted with a red carpet, a jazz trio, a harvest table laden with charcuterie and Stella Artois on tap. As the night wound down, guests were presented with a personally engraved Stella Artois chalice as a celebration of a great evening and a reminder to host beautifully with Stella Artois at their next event.


Lainie and Scott entertained in style with these simple tips on hosting beautifully from Stella Artois.


No. 1

Get ready ahead of time, putting drinks on ice, arranging the furniture and ensuring you’re ready to ease into the evening once guests arrive.


No. 2

Create ambience by setting out playful dishes, lowering the lights for the perfect evening glow and curating an endless playlist. Transform your space to transport your guests.


No. 3

Blend flavours and friends. Introduce new combinations and see what enticing new fusions you get.


No. 4

Set out your Stella Artois chalices. Make sure to have cold Stella Artois in the fridge and ready on ice.


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