The 62 questions we still have for mayor Rob Ford


Mayor Rob Ford’s second press conference on Tuesday saw him read a detailed and repetitive apology for smoking crack, in which he insisted he “had nothing left to hide.” Forgive us for not taking the mayor at his word, but we still have a few questions about this whole crack situation. Here, our list of 62 outstanding queries not yet addressed by Ford:

1. What is the mayor’s take on the homophobic and racist remarks he allegedly made on the video that is now in police possession? 2. Has the mayor accepted Bill Blair‘s invitation to watch the video that supposedly shows Ford smoking crack? 3. What is the mayor’s reaction to allegations published yesterday that his spokesperson tried to hire a hacker to find and dispose of the infamous video? 4. Will he co-operate with the police in their ongoing investigation? 5. Or even accept the cops’ invitation to meet voluntarily?

6. Will he and Doug Ford will continue to call for Bill Blair to step down as police chief? 7. Is he willing to seek help for substance abuse issues? 8. How long, exactly, has he known about the existence of the infamous video? 9. Where did he obtain the crack he smoked? 10. How does he feel about the motions proposed by various councillors to limit his power at city hall? 11. Just what is in that second video, exactly? 12. How will he govern at city hall for a whole year with no allies? 13. Did other politicians—at the provincial or federal levels, say—know the truth about his crack smoking? 14. What was in the packages that Alessandro Lisi left in his Escalade, as observed by police? 15. How many times has he actually smoked crack? 16. What prompted the snap press conference yesterday morning, during which he made his confession? 17. Why should a city employee resting his head on a desk be fired, but a mayor smoking crack and lying to the public about it should not? 18. Was the mayor ever on crack or "in one of [his] drunken stupors" when he was coaching football with minors at a publicly funded school? 19. Did the mayor’s staff or friends ever try to recover the video? 20. When does he plan to apologize to the Star and Globe and Mail for calling them liars? 21. Who counsels him on his neckwear? 22. Did he goose Sarah Thomson after all? 23. Where did he smoke the crack that he admits to have smoked? 24. Did he drive himself to the Taste of the Danforth while drunk? 25. What really happened at the Garrison Ball? 26. Does he still enjoy the support of Stephen Harper? 27. Of Tim Hudak? 28. Of Don Cherry? 29. Was the mayor paying utilities on that residence that police quaintly described as a “crack house”? 30. Did the mayor call into AM640 under a fake name—Ian from Etobicoke—to defend himself? 31. A few days ago, Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, insinuated that it was tobacco or marijuana in the video. Did Ford lie to his lawyer? 32. How do Ford’s repeated “drunken stupors”—including one so intense that it led to inadvertent crack-smoking—not make him an addict? 33. Who is the mysterious man in the video who is goading Rob Ford with questions about Justin Trudeau? 34. Has the mayor changed his stance on hard drugs? Is he still in favour of stronger enforcement? 35. Did Ford know that Peter Payman had a criminal history when he hired him as a volunteer football coach? 36. Was the Globe and Mail story about Doug Ford dealing hash also true? 37. What exactly did Mark Towhey do to make Rob Ford fire him? 38. Was Anthony Smith killed for the Ford video? 39. Was yesterday’s first press scrum his own idea, or done without the knowledge of anyone else? 40. And if so, did others pressure him afterward to make the second announcement? 41. When did Doug know what? 42. When was the first time Ford smoked crack? The last? 43. Apart from marijuana and crack, has he done any other illegal drugs? 44. If Ford suspected the video does in fact show him smoking crack, why did he call for Bill Blair to release it earlier this week? 45. The mayor was hospitalized for a respiratory illness a year ago—around the same time he says he smoked crack. Were the two related? 46. Was taxpayers’ money ever spent on illegal activities? 47. What is that stain on mayor Ford’s shirt in the infamous Garrison Ball photo with Sarah Thomson? 48. How frequently does the mayor indulge in “one of [his] drunken stupors”? 49. How much does the mayor actually drink? Per week? Per day? 50. What facts about Ford are contained in the redacted portions of the police documents from the Lisi investigation? 51. Was the mayor being blackmailed with the crack video prior to the Gawker story? 52. If Ford has nothing to hide, why has he refused to talk to police? 53. Ford says “there’s nothing I can think of to do except apologize.” Really? Nothing? 54. Is he willing to entertain suggestions from the general public regarding #53? 55. Ford left city hall yesterday driving his own car. What happened to his driver? 56. What were “the correct questions"? 57. And if he had been asked those questions, would he have admitted to smoking crack? 58. Does the mayor frequently experience memory loss similar to the sort he describes when explaining the forgotten context around which he smoked crack? 59. Was the series of events on Tuesday as chaotic as it seemed, or a thought-out public-relations strategy? 60. What is contained in the remaining police documents that a judge has now ruled can be seen by the media? 61. Did the mayor have anything to do with efforts to try and retrieve the video? 62. Will Ford join Muhammad Khattak’s lawyers’ application to see the crack video?

(Image: Christopher Drost)


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