Worried about your holiday gift purchases being raided by porch pirates? Onlia’s Winter Safety Index has some good news to share

Worried about your holiday gift purchases being raided by porch pirates? Onlia’s Winter Safety Index has some good news to share

This holiday season will look very different from past years. Without any large celebrations, most Ontarians will be staying home. While that may protect families from the risk of COVID-19, there are other security risks they should be aware of—both on the road and at home.

Onlia is a safety advocate and digital insurance provider that believes Canadians deserve safety in their homes and communities. Its recently released Onlia Winter Safety Index examines Ontarians’ concerns about the upcoming winter season. Here are some of the study’s findings, as well as ways Onlia is working to quell those fears and make the holidays safe for everyone.

Impaired driving and liability

Although there are likely to be fewer cars on the road this holiday season, Onlia’s Winter Safety Index shows that more than 40 percent of Ontarians expect to see an increase in impaired driving, in part due to social distancing protocols and fear of COVID-19 transmission on public transit and other forms of communal ride sharing. Comparatively, only two-thirds of Ontarians know they are legally responsible for ensuring their guests don’t drive while impaired, otherwise known as social host liability.

Solution and advice

Despite concerns during this unprecedented time, driving while impaired can be even more lethal. Onlia recommends spending the night at your host’s home, having a designated driver or coordinating another safe mode of transportation. If public health guidelines permit you to host any guests this holiday season, Onlia suggests hosts initially ensure all guests have a transportation plan, providing non-alcoholic beverage options, and finally, not allowing anyone you suspect of being impaired behind the wheel.

Porch piracy

Online shopping has increased substantially this year, for obvious reasons. Onlia’s study shows that 52 percent of Ontarians don’t know what to do in the event a package is stolen from their porch and which delivery service, if any, will reimburse them for their purchases.

Solution and advice

Only one in four Ontarians are aware that Amazon will reimburse a buyer for stolen packages, according to the Index. Onlia’s home insurance policies may cover the cost or replacement value of packages stolen from the home. Once a package is delivered, it becomes a part of your household goods and theft of these goods could be considered a robbery or home invasion. The claims process would be treated as such in terms of personal property coverage.

Road trip coverage

With regular holiday vacations off the table for the time being, Ontarians are planning road trips, many of them close to home. Onlia’s Winter Safety Index shows 64 percent will take day trips within Ontario, 15 percent out of province, and just 6 percent to the United States. Of those planning to stay away more than four days, only 32 percent plan to quarantine or self-isolate. 43 percent say they won’t quarantine and 25 percent are unsure.

Solution and advice

Driving across provincial borders can impact your insurance coverage, so be sure to check your policy before taking a trip. While Onlia recognizes that road trips are one way to escape from COVID-19 fatigue, safety and fair insurance rates are still a high priority. Motorists can gamify their road trip by downloading the Onlia Sense™ app and earn rewards such as gift cards or cash back for staying safe on the road.

Driving in bad weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable—and that can make driving dangerous.

Solution and advice

Good news: Onlia’s Winter Safety Index found that nine out of 10 drivers are mostly or completely prepared to drive in bad weather this season. The study’s promising result showed that 75 percent of Ontarians are planning to put winter tires on their vehicle, along with commuting with a snow brush, emergency kits, jumper cables and windshield washer fluid. But winter driving isn’t only about maintenance and gear—it’s also about solid driving skills. Here are a few tips for having a safe journey:

  • Leave more than enough room between you and other vehicles.
  • Drive for the conditions, reducing speed where necessary.
  • Steer smoothly and gently through curves and on slippery surfaces.
  • Avoid hard braking or quick maneuvers.
  • When caught in a skid, release the brakes and steer gently in the direction that you want to go.
  • If roads are closed, stay off of them.
  • Never try to pass a snow plough—patience is key.

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