Lee’s Palace has wrong Google Maps address because it allegedly wants only “cool people” there

Lee’s Palace has wrong Google Maps address because it allegedly wants only “cool people” there

This is where Toronto's uncool population thinks Lee's is (Image: Google Maps)

Most Torontonians know that Lee’s Palace is just east of Bathurst on Bloor, but for out-of-towners, the concert venue is at Bloor and Sherbourne. That’s because the club’s Google Map listing places it at 529 Bloor Street East (rather than West). When Jen, a concert-goer who’d been misled by the map, called Lee’s to inform management of the error, she apparently got a bitchy message from someone at the venue, who said the wrong address was purposely listed to keep the riff-raff out. Well, Jen is not going to take it; she took to her blog, Jenerally Speaking (where she ponders such questions as “What’s up with guys who love to bake but swear they are straight?”), to call Lee’s out. Here’s the message she says the venue left her:

“Hi Jen, I’m calling from Lee’s Palace. We actually put our address on Google incorrectly so that only cool people know where it is, and it keeps all the people that aren’t cool out. We only want cool people here, so we’re sorry about that.” And then the a-hole sarcastically finished with, “So we’ll get on that lawsuit with Google to solve the address situation immediately.”

Google Maps has the address wrong, but the address is correct on Lee’s official Web site, so if the management is trying to keep the venue’s location a secret from the city’s uncool residents, it’s doing a crappy job of it. Jen also wrote that Mapquest has the wrong address, but when we checked today, it was correct. The term “cool people” smells fishy to us, too. All the kids should know that the concept of “cool” died years ago. Sarcasm, however, appears to be alive and well.

Lesson learned: Google Maps is an unreliable source of information, so always call ahead or check the official site. Still, Google Maps is a treasure trove of people caught in compromising positions.

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