Justin Bieber nail polish and seven other unusual celebrity endorsements

Justin Bieber nail polish and seven other unusual celebrity endorsements

We thought it was weird (to say the least) when news came out over the weekend that Justin Bieber is collaborating with OPI on a line of nail polish titled One Less Lonely Girl. Then again, we’re pretty sure the kid could sell bedbugs if he slapped his name on it. The power of celebrity makes people buy weird things. Below, seven other odd celebrity endorsements.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger for a Japanese energy drink

This 30-second clip has been making the rounds on the Internet and late-night talk shows for a few years but it has staying power for a reason. Judging by the commercial, we believe the Governator is selling some kind of LSD-laced energy drink. More Schwarzenegger commercials here.

2. Nicole Kidman for the Village Shopping Mall

This ad for a new shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro came out a few months ago and while there’s nothing weird about the commercial itself, it’s hard to imagine Kidman waiting in line at the food court while carrying a Gap bag. You may notice that the final scene of her walking a red carpet and giving a backwards glance at the camera is pretty much a shot-by-shot recreation of her Chanel No. 5 ad. By the way, what mall has a red carpet?

3. Astronauts for Louis Vuitton
Perhaps this was a way for the luxury brand to steer its customer base back to the old money crowd and away from mall brats using their parents’ credit cards. We don’t exactly remember Buzz Aldrin carrying a monogrammed tote on the moon or NASA stocking its gear in a $1,530 travel bag, but it’s nice to see older models in print ads.

4. Mr. T for the FlavorWave

It’s really like watching Tracy Morgan in an episode of 30 Rock, isn’t it?

5. Danny DeVito for Limoncello

Well, it probably isn’t that weird that the DeVito is selling liqueur—just look at this clip of him drunk on The View. The man stands behind his product.

6. Adrienne Clarkson for Sublime Olive Oil

News of this really came out of left field because no one really had any idea that her and partner John Ralston Saul were farmers, but considering their organic and local approach, we say more power to them.

7. Margaret Atwood for Balzac’s Coffee

This summer, Balzac’s began selling the Atwood blend, a fair trade and organic coffee—some of the proceeds went to the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the Pelee Island Bird Observatory. We know that the author is a bird lover so we applaud her charitable efforts, but we had always pegged Atwood as a tea drinker.


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