Here’s how Torontonians dealt with the weekend’s ice storm

We were warned, and yet the promised meteorological triple whammy of ice, snow and buckets of rain seemed to catch much of Toronto off guard. It is mid-April, after all, and while we’re used to weather-related curveballs around here, this was something else. Here’s how Torontonians hunkered down, ventured out and generally dealt with the mess.

Some people broke out their skis:

While others decided that this was the perfect time to cruise around in an expensive sports car. Hope those are snow tires:

Before driving anywhere, there’s the all-important de-icing protocol:

Regardless of your mode of transportation, getting around was a challenge:

And potentially a very pricey one:

Unless you were this guy, who went for a surf:


Hey, VCs, four words: Uber, but for tauntauns.

Hunkering down was probably the best idea, what with this kind of thing happening:

And with the Raptors and Leafs both in playoff action on Saturday, the couch seemed like a great place to be. Wait, what’s that?

Ahead of Tuesday night’s match against Mexican side Guadalajara, TFC defender Drew Moor is looking at the weather as a home-field advantage:


Toronto’s pets don’t look too thrilled by all of this:

Speaking of which, is anyone missing a wild turkey?

So yeah, the weather stinks right now. At least patio season can’t be far off now...can it?


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