Here comes the Sun: launch date finally announced for Sun News Network

Here comes the Sun: launch date finally announced for Sun News Network

It’s been a long and winding road—with a detour through RCMP country—but it looks like the Sun TV channel finally has a launch date. Anybody who still watches cable news can set their DVRs for April 18. According to the Canadian Press, there were a number of issues that held the network back (it was supposed to launch in January), but they’re now rearing to go, and it looks like nothing less than Ford Nation TV.

The project was announced in a blaze of publicity last summer by former Stephen Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke. He briefly left the endeavour in September but returned earlier this year.

Sources say the network already has a television ad set to air that will play up its populist appeal.

The commercial, ready to go, emphasizes that the network will be standing up for taxpayers and defending ordinary Canadians.

Particularly amusing is the realization of what has been holding up the Sun News Network before now: according to CP, “it needed more money than initially budgeted for a television operation.” This inspires so much confidence in the broadcaster’s new management, we can’t even tell you. We expect the Sun News Network to bring a 24-hour, real-time style to Sun Media’s notable obsessions, like Russian bomber alerts and constant surveillance of the CBC.

• Sun TV is launching its new right-wing television network on April 18 [Winnipeg Free Press]