Find out everything you need to know about cannabis at Leafly’s Learning Hub

Find out everything you need to know about cannabis at Leafly’s Learning Hub

Just down the street from Trinity Bellwoods Park, the Leafly Learning Hub is popping-up all day on Wednesday and inviting Canada’s canna-curious to get acquainted with Leafly’s extensive resources and subject experts in person.

The world’s largest cannabis information resource, Leafly has been helping medical and recreational consumers make informed choices since 2010. And, now in sync with the adult-use legalization of cannabis across the nation, Leafly Canada is marking this momentous occasion with a one-day-only immersive educational event in Toronto.

It’s an inclusive, one-stop-shop for medical cannabis patients, adult recreational consumers, advanced enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike–even the most knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs are bound to learn something new!

There will be sections devoted to Cannabis 101, responsible consumption, rules and regulations (yes, there are still rules involved–can you take it on a plane? Can you smoke in public?), products and strains, and even how to safely cook with cannabis.

The Leafly Learning Hub will also be the only place in the province where you can get a hands-on first look at the multitude of products hitting the marketplace. While there won’t be any cannabis for sale on-site, the event will showcase a range of products from different LPs–offering a chance to understand how to read labels, before retail locations open in Ontario April 2019.

The Leafly team will be on-site and joined by guests throughout the day to share their encyclopedic knowledge of all things cannabis.

Pop in to explore the landscape of newly available indicas, sativas, hybrids, and oils and tap into Leafly’s collective expertise spanning a range of topics from how to integrate cannabis into your personal wellness routine to how to ensure you’re consuming and storing cannabis responsibly around young children.

Keeping the good vibes going, local radio station Indie 88 will also be on-site throughout the day, providing entertainment.

On Wednesday starting at 7 a.m., 19+ guests can head over to the Leafly Learning Hub to have all of their burning cannabis questions answered and find out everything there is to know about legal cannabis in Canada.

7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday, October 17. 753 Queen St. W.,