Conrad Black is getting another TV show

Conrad Black is getting another TV show

Conrad Black interviews Rob Ford on The Zoomer (Image: Vision TV/Screenshot)

Late last week, ZoomerMedia began circulating a press release touting Conrad Black’s interviewing skills ahead of the launch of yet another TV show for the former media baron/current actual baron.

According to a ZoomerMedia spokesperson, the new show, to be called Conversations With Conrad, will consist of extended interviews with the same types of political and media-world guests Black already interviews on his other ZoomerMedia show, The Zoomer, which is co-hosted by Denise Donlon. The new show will be all Conrad, all the time. It’s expected to begin airing on VisionTV in April or May.

Oddly enough, the press release announcing Conversations With Conrad contains its own counterargument. It says, in big font: “Conrad Black’s recent Conversation with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Canada’s VisionTV made international Headline News, was featured on Late Night American television and generated enormous viral buzz. [weird capitalization sic]”

Another way of putting it would be to say that Black and his producers let the mayor of Toronto possibly libel a reporter on air, then spent the ensuing week under intense media scrutiny before finally apologizing.