Bedbugs be gone: G20 preparations now extend to insect world

Bedbugs be gone: G20 preparations now extend to insect world

Bedbugs: the enemy within (Image: Oldmaison)

Since the feds certainly haven’t skimped on security spending for the G8 and G20 summits, we’re hoping that officials have the major bases (terrorists, anarchists, violent protesters) covered. Step two is dealing with some awkward, less dangerous problems. And for at least one Toronto hotel, that means bedbugs.

The Star reports that a major Toronto hotel (that would prefer to remain unnamed, natch) has gone proactive by hiring the services of specially trained dogs that detect bedbugs with greater efficiency and accuracy than human inspectors. Delegates can rest assured that one Toronto annoyance is being taken care of (well, at this one hotel). Now all we need is a magic wand for some of Toronto’s other embarrassing problems: rats, raccoons, bald raccoons, homelessness, smog, listeria, gridlock and Rob Ford.

Then again, if the government really cared about keeping the summits pest-free, many of the leaders would not have been invited. It probably couldn’t have hurt, either, to reconsider inviting world leaders to Huntsville in the middle of bug season.

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