Black Dice Cafe

Black Dice Cafe

This self-described Japanese rockabilly bar, which could be a portal to another dimension collectively styled by David Lynch, Ridley Scott and Wong Kar-wai, has been holding down Brockton Village long before Dundas West was cool. Almost a decade in, little about the Dice has changed. With its diffuse turquoise light and black-and-white TV looping old movies, it’s one of the most unusual bars in the city. It’s also a serious industry hangout for off-shift bartenders who congregate to sip Japanese whisky and draft sake while jostling for high scores on the battered ’50s-era Surf Champ pinball game. As you wait for your turn on the machine, order a Hitachino Nest and munch wasabi peas as surf rock blasts from the vintage jukebox.

1574 Dundas St. W., No phone,


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