How Toronto notables spent New Year’s Eve

How Toronto notables spent New Year’s Eve

While most of us were either struggling to stay awake on the couch or spending a gazillion dollars on Ubers, the city’s celebs celebrated the new year in a range of envy-inducing ways. Here’s a small sampling.

Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman rang in the new year by riding four-wheelers in the Dubai desert:

Happy New Years! #2018 @hdmhapparel

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Real Housewife Roxy Earle spent New Year’s Day the way a lot of people would like to: lounging in a bathtub with a bottle of rosé. Maybe she added the water later?

Whose ready to party? ? Happy 2018 everyone! #2018 #morningafter #legs #bathtub

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Universal Music Canada president Jeffrey Remedios and his family celebrated with a vibrant photo op in Miami:

2018…. ready and coming for ya. Let’s do this.

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PR head Natasha Koifman and her hubby Anthony Mantella spent the night at NKPR exec Rebecca Kogon’s wedding:

Indigo honcho Heather Reisman watched some friends renew their vows in Maui:

@Patriley @Chrisriley renew wedding vows on Maui!

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Strombo’s new year’s kiss was a canine friend in LA:

My New Years Kiss. #yearofthedog

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Society maven Sylvia Mantella posed with hundreds of gold balloons in Miami Beach:

Restaurateur Susur Lee was on the job:

With her new twins, TV host Jessi Cruickshank was sorta on the job, too:

TONIGHT WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE… we have 2 infant children. #HappyNewYear!!!

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Alias Grace star Sarah Gadon decided to unplug from social media for a month:

TV personality Tanya Kim prepped for the night by flaunting her lengthy, just-done lashes:

While TV host Tracy Moore cuddled with her kids in bed and reflected on the year:

Looking back at 2017 I feel a huge amount of pride. Dealing boldly with difficult situations (usually I'm a runner), handling confrontation head-on (so uncomfortable), speaking up for myself, shaky voice and all (it's tough to have people not like you or your decisions), and stepping into new territory time and again fearlessly (lies! I had some fear). I kept so many deals with myself both personally and professionally that it's reinforced my belief and trust in me. Career-wise it was a watershed year as I stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved goals that had once been dreams. So what's ahead? I don't know. But I trust myself enough to know that you get back what you put out so leading by example is never a bad choice. Wishing you strength and abundance this year in your heart and in your homes. And wishing this planet of ours healing on all levels (political, environmental, racial etc…) #HappyNewYear #GoalSlayer #BelieveInYourself

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Jessica Mulroney primped with her daughter, Ivy, before they co-hosted a party:

Later that night, there was evidently a drum circle:

Comedian Russell Peters spent the evening DJing a party:

Shay Mitchell tore up the dance floor:

Which resulted in pizza in bed the next day:

E-Talk host Liz Trinnear got dressed in glitter:

The Social’s Elaine Lui had a low-key night playing Trivial Pursuit:

Naturally, she won:

Murdoch Mysteries actor Yannick Bisson and his family made wishes on lanterns in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Finally, Margaret Atwood planned to celebrate the supermoon (and got into a Twitter argument at the same time):