What Kanye West fans bought at his Pablo pop-up shop

What Kanye West fans bought at his Pablo pop-up shop

Over the weekend, 12 Ossington Ave. transformed into a Kanye West-themed, three-day temporary store, selling t-shirts, jackets and hats in support of West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo. Hundreds of fashion and music fans alike lined up down Ossington in the (ultralight) beaming sun to try their luck at purchasing the gear, all designed by West and artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt. The Toronto shop was the only Canadian location of 21 Pablo-themed stores that popped up around the world over the weekend. We checked in on Saturday with some of the lucky ones who were able to get their hands on Yeezy’s limited-edition merch.


Franklin Wimalendran

23, student

Rihanna Ali

22, student
Ali: “Both of us bought a crewneck and a t-shirt. We like Kanye like Kanye likes Kanye.”


Nae Hines

16, student
“I got the black bomber and the white long sleeve. I spent…I think it was $435. It looks really nice.”

Jordan Abdul

16, McDonalds employee
“To me, Kanye is a style icon.”



Catherine Chen

22, Cashier
“I was actually here yesterday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. They told me to leave and gave me a wristband for today. I came at 7 a.m. and waited until 10 a.m., so altogether I waited six hours. I came from Mississauga. I pretty much wanted to buy everything but I had a budget so I kept it to a long sleeve shirt, the I Feel Like Pablo shirt and a sweater. I spent $370. I went to the Bieber pop-up and I lined up for Drake’s Views shirt, so I’m just really about the experience.”



Fin Kirstein

17, student
“I’m from Germany, on vacation in Toronto. I waited three hours today. I bought a cap, an orange t-shirt and a crewneck. I find it very cool, and it’s very limited, so I think it’s good to have it.”


Lucas Capponi

15, student

Matthew Carullo

14, student

Isabella Bellissimo

18, student

Bellissimo: “I got the bomber jacket for my brother and then the Pablo shirt and the white long-sleeve shirt. It’s so hyped up.”



Molly Fraser

15, student
“I waited three hours today. I’m going to the concert. I love him. He’s petty, but I love him. “



Ira Zholi

19, student
“They were stricter today. Yesterday, people were coming out with boxes of stuff and then selling things down the line for double the price, and it was selling, because people were so desperate to get out of the line.”



Jaime Cook

15, student
“I’m from Newcastle, here visiting family. I’m a super Kanye fan. I’ve got all his albums and thought that this would be a one-in-a-lifetime thing so I may as well do it. I was here for five hours yesterday and then about two-and-a-half hours today. I got everything I wanted, which is good.”



Deepinder Kaur

19, student
“I actually loved the experience. It was like everything I was waiting for was finally in front of me. I got a crewneck and a long sleeve. Both of them have the Pablo writing on them.”



Joshua Casimier

17, student
“We waited six hours yesterday and an hour and a half today. It’s just Gildan t-shirts.”