Here’s what fans of The Weeknd bought at his Starboy pop-up shop

Here’s what fans of The Weeknd bought at his Starboy pop-up shop

Toronto had a weekend full of The Weeknd. The Scarborough native hosted a listening party for his new album, Starboy, on Thursday, then performed at Canada’s inaugural Jingle Ball at the ACC on Friday night. In the meantime, die-hard fans lined up outside Rally on Ossington from Thursday to Sunday to snag limited-edition Weeknd merch. Here’s what a few of them picked up on Saturday.


Tristan Wright

24, Transporter at Etobicoke General Hospital
Spent: $150

“I’ve been listening to The Weeknd since I was 18. On Thursday, I woke up at 5 a.m. to get tickets for the listening party that night. We waited until maybe 9 p.m. to meet him. Today, the wait was about two hours. It was totally worth the wait both times. And the money.”



Sharan Guru

22, Student
Spent: $155

“I went to the meet and greet. I’ve been a fan since he first came out six or seven years ago. This is like my teenage dream.”



Yasmine Hadid

15, Student
Spent: $110

“I listen to his music all the time and I think he has a really nice sense of style, so when I saw he had a pop-up shop I thought it was a good opportunity to come and buy his merchandise. It’s also limited edition so you can’t really find it anywhere.”



Alessia Ditullio

17, Student
Spent: $260

“The bombers were sold out, so I was kind of disappointed.”



Luis Reyes

16, Student
Spent: $160

“I wanted to get merchandise to wear to his show next year.”



Karthik Rabe

25, Civil Engineer
Spent: $300

“I’ve been listening to The Weeknd since 2011. I missed the chance to buy merchandise in the past because I was in school, so I couldn’t afford everything. But now that I have a job I want to support the artist.”



Justin Tan

18, Student
Spent: $585

“We came here on Thursday expecting to meet The Weeknd. We waited for maybe an hour and a half, and they ran out of wristbands, so we only ended up getting the wristband to skip the line for the listening party.”




21, Student
Spent: $250

“I met him yesterday. It was unbelievable. We weren’t allowed to take photos so I recorded it on my phone and you can hear me stuttering. I wasn’t able to get out what I wanted to say but as soon as I saw him, he smiled. It was amazing, it was surreal.”



Jessica Gervais

19, Student
Spent: $110

“We waited overnight on Wednesday, for nine-and-a-half hours, to meet him on Thursday. It was amazing.”