Ugly Christmas sweaters for every possible occasion

Ugly Christmas sweaters for every possible occasion

The best and silliest holiday sweaters aren’t just horrendously ugly. They also pay tribute to the year’s most memorable pop-culture moments—because what could possibly bring more yuletide cheer than a tacky interpretation of José Bautista’s bat flip or Drake’s dorky dance moves? Here, 20 excellent conversation starters.

Joey to the world, indeed. $50.

This jolly tribute to Josh Donaldson (a.k.a. @BringerOfRain20) is also spot-on. $50.

Just so your intentions (leaving the party a.s.a.p.) are as clear as possible. $28.

Of all the Drizzy-inspired sweaters, we like this pastel number by Toronto brand Shelfies the best. $60.

Scratch that. The Grinch’s “Hotline Bling” moves definitely take the cake. $33.

Here’s Santa’s take on the controversial Kim Kardashian cover. $70.

Praise be to the pizza lords. $60.

A seasonally appropriate choice for the Force Awakens line. $67.

Don’t wear this unless you’re up for a spontaneous dance party. $33.

Okay, so it’s not technically a Christmas sweater. But for anyone who worships at the altar of Trudeau, this is as spiritual as it gets. $60.

Because Mean Girls will never stop being culturally relevant. $25.

Battery-powered swag for a whole new generation of Beliebers. $109.

Mrs. Claus jumps on the dabbing train. $54.

Jon Snow who? Finally, the most underrated Game of Thrones character gets the respect he deserves. $41.

Only to be worn in jest (obviously). $35.

Blame Miley for this club-ified take on the North Pole. $28.

Here’s the snuggliest way to cheer for the Raps this winter. $60.

Buddy the Elf: as classic a Christmas character as Santa himself. $82.

As seen on Katy Perry. $25.

And finally, here’s one for loyal Leaf fans. (Warning: it may trigger looks of pure pity). $70.