Twenty-three pieces of flair for every outfit (and attitude)

Twenty-three pieces of flair for every outfit (and attitude)

Flair is back in a big way. Stores all over the city are selling ’80s-style pins and patches, ideal for jazzing up distressed denim, V-neck sweaters and even lonely suit lapels. Our favourite options make a definitive statement—even if it’s just a major passion for pizza. Here, 23 ultra-affordable conversation starters.

For the ultra-insouciant (and/or Ice Cube fans). $8.

Warning: sporting this pin may inspire dorky 6 God impressions. $12.

The perfect way to rep Hayley Elsaesser (without causing seizures). $15.

Millennials may want to sew this patch onto their Vespa packs. $7.

A real-life emoji for eternal optimists. $8.

Here’s a low-key way to embrace the pizza-as-fashion trend (much subtler than this). $16.

For those who adhere to a strict beverage schedule. $11.

Beer lovers, unite. $11.

Sriracha lovers, unite. $12.

For unabashed pessimists. $7.

This pin combo is is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. $20.

To the untrained eye, it’s an innocent peach pin. To the internet, it’s something else. $8.

Because one outfit can never have too much Drizzy. $35.

Thanks to a certain floppy-haired Star Wars fan, flaunting Canadian pride has never been cooler. $9.

A subtle way to ward off time sucks. $8.

For understated rebels. $11.

Because the best Leo is dreamy ’90s Leo. $8.

Fool friends into thinking you’ve finally passed Aqua Quest 8. $6.

Here’s a Twin Peaks reference (or just a badge of honour for caffeine addicts). $8.

Finally, a way to identify oncoming cat owners. $8.

For the bitter technophobe (or any Instagram husband). $11.

Here’s a way to communicate Riri levels of badassery. $6.

It’s the modern day BFF necklace. $11.