Collagen for feet, short-lived trends of the 2000s, Audrey Hepburn’s clothes sell for $437,800

Collagen for feet, short-lived trends of the 2000s, Audrey Hepburn’s clothes sell for $437,800

Killer heels? Collagen is being used to pad feet (Photo by Valeyoshino)

• A collection of Audrey Hepburn’s couture dresses and accessories was auctioned off in London, generating more than £270,000 (about $437,800). The centrepiece, a Chantilly lace cocktail gown, was estimated at £20,000, but sold for an astonishing £60,000. The pieces are all lust-worthy but are perhaps better suited to a mannequin than a real person. In order to fit into the outfits, the wearer must match Hepburn’s diminutive 32-22-34 frame. [Daily Mail]

• We usually associate opera stars with barrel-chested men and Rubenesque women. But Miuccia Prada, who is designing costumes for the Metropolitan Opera’s spring production of Attila, disagrees. Apparently, Prada took one look at the supernumeraries (non-singing actors and extras) and said, “I cannot clothe them! I need models!” The Met is now conducting model castings, despite those who insist supernumerary work is about how you move, not how you look. Unfortunately, good models are experts at both. [Paper]

• The border-free world of the fashion blogger continues to expand, with Vogue doing a spread on seven of the blogosphere’s hottest talents. The shoot is said to include seven bloggers, including BryanBoy, Todd Selby and Toronto’s Tommy Ton, with the remaining four yet unnamed. We’re still waiting for a phone call from Anna Wintour. [Fashionista]

• Women in the U.K. who prefer heels over flats are opting for a strange solution to the pain of wearing teetering Choos all evening—collagen injections. An injection into the ball of the foot creates extra “padding” so gals can dance the night away in comfort. The shots cost $410 and last up to three months. We like glamour as much as anyone else, but when you’re getting injections in your feet to wear ankle-busting footwear, it’s time to  pause and think about flats. [Daily Mail]

• Toronto fashion illustrator Danielle Meder has taken toys to a chic new level, outfitting paper dolls in Canadian designs. Meder designs ensembles based on fashion week presentations from the likes of Pink Tartan, Philip Sparks and Jason Meyers. The dolls first appeared on her blog,, and are now available in a book. It’s on our holiday wish list—we’re still bitter that playing with Barbie has an age cut-off. [Fashion]

• With the end of the aughts in sight, almost every media outlet is producing end-of-decade lists. New York has picked the top 35 short-lived trends of the 2000s, but misses the mark. Shrunken suits (’02–’08) are still popular with Thom Browne and his ilk, Hermès Birkin bags (’04–’07) will never go out of style and, much to our chagrin, even Crocs (’05–’08) are as popular as ever. Mercifully, Ashton Kutcher’s headwear of choice, the trucker hat (’03–’06), was one trend that disappeared for good. [New York]