These fixtures will transform your bathroom into an oasis

These fixtures will transform your bathroom into an oasis

TOTO’s high-tech bathroom fixtures promote a sense of serenity

At a time when the tranquil elements of our homes have become greatly intensified in the wake of the pandemic, the importance of a well-designed bathroom should not be underestimated. With the right fixtures, it can transform into something more than just another residential space; it becomes an oasis, a place to relax and unwind, leaving behind the chaos and demands of everyday life. Our bathrooms also promote self-care rituals—for many, they provide an opportunity to reflect, think, and perhaps spark a creative idea or two.

TOTO, one of the world’s leading plumbing manufacturers, understands this, and with their state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures, everyday can feel like a trip to the spa.

Since its inception in 1917, TOTO has been on a mission to improve everyone’s quality of life. For over 100 years, the Japanese company has crafted thoughtfully designed bathroom fixtures that blend technological innovation with the highest levels of cleanliness and sustainability. From traditional toilets, showerheads, and faucets to washlets and flotation tubs, TOTO’s products provide a next-level wellness experience that will revitalize and refresh the mind and body.

Emphasizing innovation

Take the company’s Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension for example. As the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub, it delivers the ultimate in relaxation. With a shape specially designed to simulate a “gravity-less” floating position, it allows bathers to experience a feeling of total weightlessness while enjoying a soak. Additional features include massaging water jets, an adjustable headrest with a cascading water shoulder warmer, and LED lighting to set the mood. This tub has also been proven to put bathers in a meditative, low-frequency brain wave state—a perfect way to decompress after a hard day’s work.

TOTO is also committed to incorporating cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum cleanliness in the home, which holds a heightened importance in a post-pandemic future. For instance, the Neorest 750H Dual Flush Toilet with ACTILIGHT® technology features a special coating that works together with a clean light to easily wash waste away on the toilet bowl, minimizing the need for harsh chemical cleaners that can infiltrate waterways and harm the environment.

This commitment to environmental responsibility, a hallmark of TOTO’s company ethos, is also evident in the Classic Series Aero Rain Shower 8”. This product features the Aero-Jet™ technology, which was developed to offer a luxurious shower experience without wasting water by injecting air into each droplet, making them feel larger.

Through their use of thoughtful design and advanced technologies, TOTO is creating bathroom essentials made for comfort, performance, and well-being—perfect for elevating any bathroom into a truly luxurious haven.

TOTO’s award-winning products can be found at one of its showrooms in the GTA:

Gingers, 95 Ronald Ave., Toronto

t2h, 80 The East Mall, Etobicoke

Roman Bath Centre, 833 Caledonia Rd., North York

Taps, 1020 Lawrence Ave. W., North York

Vatero, 7700 Keele St., Unit 6, Concord

Home Comfort, 1600 16th Ave., Unit 2, Richmond Hill

Royal Bath, 11330 Yonge St., Richmond Hill

Bath Emporium, 5 Shields Ct., Markham

Plumbing & Parts, 1650 Dundas St. E., Whitby

Camiko Tile and Stone & Bath, 118-3838 Midland Ave., Scarborough

Bradshaw Plumbing, 12 Old Kingston Rd., Scarborough

Tapworks, 3355 Kingston Rd., Scarborough

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