Three cool new cult beauty products (and where to find them)

Three cool new cult beauty products (and where to find them)

Toronto has an amazingly robust selection of newfangled, all-the-rage, borderline weird beauty products. Here are three of our current favourites.

Black Snail

The miracle muck: Snail cream

Snail slime, the goopy stuff that protects the shelled species as it glides along bacteria-covered surfaces, contains loads of naturally anti-inflammatory properties. Korean beauty chain Holika Holika carries a repair cream packed with it. The texture glides on luxuriously thick (and definitely not sticky). Katie Holmes is reportedly a fan. $108. Multiple locations.
Dr. Brandt

The iron force: Magnet masks

The modern skin-care industry has harnessed magnetic power for easy-to-apply creams, like Dr. Brandt’s Magnetight Age-Defier, a silky smooth mask. The best—and most fun—thing about this mask is taking it off: you cover a magnet with a tissue and move it around your face. The mask (along with all that gunk a cleanser can’t reach) lifts off. $94. Sephora, multiple locations.

The Face Shop

The Korean craze: Fish-egg-shaped capsule creams

Fish-egg cream, the latest beauty trend from South Korea, is a balm that comes in highly concentrated mini-capsules, resembling—you guessed it—roe. The Face Shop’s white ginseng collagen cream is full of concentrated vitamin-rich pearl. $75. 220 Yonge St., 416-340-7377.