Six indoor hydroponic gardens for growing your own fruits and veggies

Six indoor hydroponic gardens for growing your own fruits and veggies

Indoor hydroponic garden systems are easy to maintain and use nutrient-rich water in lieu of soil to grow fresh fruits, herbs and veggies. These days, T0rontonians are turning to them because they produce large yields, grow quickly and are more convenient than a conventional garden. Here are six indoor hydroponic gardens to consider for your home.


For the urban farmer

Rise Gardens triple family garden, $1500

This triple-tiered modular system accommodates 36 plants out of the box or up to 108 when paired with bigger pod trays. It also connects to a mobile app that pings out a reminder when veggies need watering, nutrients or a little more TLC.


For design lovers

Just Vertical The Eve, $700

This gorgeous setup by Toronto company Just Vertical is equipped with everything you’ll need to grow your own organic kale. Bonus: its wood base will blend right in with the rest of your mid-century-modern decor.


For a gardening newbie

Vegehome The Oasis, $350

The Oasis by Montreal’s Vegehome is fitted with 28 planting beds to accommodate the brand’s special seed pods and is designed to be stackable, should you wish to expand your urban farm in the future.


For the true gardener

Hope Eden garden compact system, $547

The Eden, by Alberta-based Hope, is a no-frills system that can hold four large or 10 smaller plants. It’s great for those who plan to plant their own seeds, without any fancy product-specific pods.


For a larger yield

Nutritower vertical hydroponic indoor garden, $995

This Canadian-made vertical garden on wheels boasts a centre column lighting system designed to deliver a larger yield in a minimal amount of space. Plus, it allows your plants to be on full display for easy access.


For the budget-conscious

Modern Sprout smart hydroplanter, $207

Modern Sprout’s smart hydroponic bamboo planter is ideal for sitting on a windowsill or countertop in a sunny kitchen. It can house veggies, herbs and even flowers from seeds, clippings and transplants.