How to choose the right appliances for your kitchen renovation

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Bring style and function to your kitchen renovation with appliances that work for you and your family

How to choose the right appliances for your kitchen renovation

As the adage goes, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a space for morning smoothies, weeknight family dinners, elegant dinner parties and moonlight snack attacks. So when approaching a renovation, you want to design a space that best reflects its resident chefs and diners. While choosing countertops and planning out your cabinet finish are important, picking out appliances to suit your needs is the key to cooking up a great new kitchen.

All good renovations start with a trip to Tasco Appliances. Discover a carefully curated range of suppliers that offer luxury appliances for every need and space. Stop by for a dose of inspiration, or read on to learn how to pick the perfect appliances for your new kitchen.

Start with the basics

Think through your primary needs and wants. Gas cooktop or electric? Regular oven or convection? Stainless steel? French-door refrigerator? And consider the purpose: if you’re feeding a flock, you need a spacious fridge and dishwasher, while if you’re in a smaller space, like a condo, skinny appliances will suit just fine. 

Do you need a pro-level range for whipping up a feast or prefer a design-forward space? Or, do you want a handsome kitchen that can endure the wear and tear of a busy family? Luckily, many of Tasco’s high-end brands cater to both form and function. 

Above all, pick appliances for the kitchen space you already have. Learn where hidden pipes are, think about hood size, measure out the length of open appliance doors and consider every inch, from sink placement to garbage and recycling placements to dishwasher size—all will dictate the direction of your design.

Move to the details

Once you’ve determined the general design of your kitchen, dig into the details. Do you want a fridge that dispenses water, ice and sparkling water? Do you want a stove with an AirClean filter to reduce odours or a customizable range that includes a teppanyaki grill, seared nob, French top and induction plates? What about WiFi connectivity? Get to know what’s available to find your perfect match.

If the many features leave your head spinning, ask for help. Tasco’s trained professionals know all about appliances—they can walk you through all the draws and downsides to each appliance (plus, they’ll know plenty of tricks to deciding on the perfect option). 

Mix and match

Your parents may tell you to buy appliances in packages—it will save you a few dollars and help keep the design consistent. But that’s a rule that no longer holds. Feel free to mix and match appliances from different brands based on finish continuity. Tasco is stocked with a wide range of luxury brands to fit every design and aesthetic, and many major manufacturers offer different hardware options for complete kitchen customization.


You can splash out on a few—or, if you want, every—aspect of your kitchen renovation. Choose a fantastic focal-point fridge (like Samsung’s new BESPOKE collection) or a restaurant-quality range to take your cooking to new heights (take a peek at Jennair’s pro-style series). Whatever you choose, your appliances should have the form, function and quality to keep your kitchen humming along beautifully for years.

Get inspired

Curious where to start? Browsing online will give you a general idea of what’s on offer, but a visit to the Tasco showroom provides a hands-on, in-real-life tour for inspiration. Bring samples with you—tile, countertops, cabinets and paint—so you can understand how the pieces all fit together. Chat with a Tasco Appliances professional, see what catches your eye and start scheming up your dream kitchen (or laundry room).


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