Good Stuff Cheap: Five genius ways to save on everyday technology

Good Stuff Cheap: Five genius ways to save on everyday technology

Stop paying for cable or satellite: Hook up an antenna to your digital TV. If your old pole-mounted potato masher’s long gone, a Winegard SS-3000 indoor antenna is $60 on You’ll get major Canadian and U.S. networks for free in high def.

Save on mobile data charges: Save bandwidth by using Google’s free text-back service for basic info. For example, texting “127 Hours Etobicoke” to 46645 (GOOGL) gets you today’s local show times. Also available: weather, directions, stock quotes and sports scores. See

Buy your next notebook for less: Check the “outlet” sections of on‑line stores for good-as-new gadgets, often backed by a warranty. Toshiba’s highly rated Satellite laptops, for example, are up to $200 off at

Slash global roaming costs: Buy a SIM card for your destination from Toronto’s Roam Simple ( and you’re charged less per minute. For instance, a major carrier charges $2 a minute for western Europe; Roam Simple’s rate is 69 cents.

Beat traffic and high fuel prices: Trafficnet Canada (free) and Gas Buddy ($3) are must-have Apple apps. The former gives you the 411 on construction, road closures and gridlock, including live highway cams of the 400 series; the latter shows the cheapest places to fuel up right now.

(Image: Antennae courtesy of Winegard Direct)

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