Good Stuff Cheap: Toronto’s five best vintage stores (no rummaging required)

Good Stuff Cheap: Toronto’s five best vintage stores (no rummaging required)

For Luxury Labels
Venture a few blocks north of York­ville to Haute Classics for immaculate second-hand pieces sourced from very tony closets. Chanel, Chloé, Dior and Christian Louboutin (patent sapphire pumps for $270 instead of $700-plus) are priced in the hundreds, rather than the thousands.
946 Yonge St., 416-922-7900.

For Menswear
Parkdale’s House of Vintage has outstanding men’s garb—a rarity on the old-is-new circuit. Dudes can put together a Michael Caine Alfie look with ankle boots ($60) and a Pierre Cardin blazer ($50).
1239 Queen St. W., 416-535-2142.

Bumbleberry Kids in the Beach is as well curated as a downtown boutique but as cheap as a suburban outlet. Sizes run from newborn to 6, and everything—one-piece snowsuits ($20–$50), boots (Uggs are $6) and precious little peacoats ($30)—is in top condition.
1908 Queen St. E., 416-691-5556.

For Accessories
Of Ossington’s thrift shops, I Miss You is the best for belts, bags, baubles and shoes. The glam (but not costumey) array includes pumps that could’ve walked off the feet of Rita Hayworth (around $30), fur stoles from the pre–paint protest days ($100 and up) and Hermès scarves for $235.
63 Ossington Ave., 416-916-7021.

For Reconstructed Duds
Among the old-school gems at chic Tabula Rasa: Katharine Hepburn-esque silken blouses ($40) and high-waisted pencil skirts ($35–$45); also, grandpa cardigans ($35–$50) and mini-berets ($50–$60) made of reworked old fabrics.
745 Broadview Ave., 416-465-4450.

(Image: John Burgoyne)

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